Confidentiality and Security
When dealing with financial matters, privacy and security are paramount. Here is how PlusPad intends to ensure the security of its networks, goods, and services.

Non-Custodial Model

PlusPad operates on a non-custodial basis and does not have access to user funds Secured within its smart contracts. Any funds locked in the PlusPad ecosystem can be reclaimed only by the rightful private key owner or the precise beneficiary specified at the time of purchase. All important data associated with transactions is completely managed by users. Users' privacy rights will not be jeopardized in order to participate in the PlusPad ecosystem.


With PlusPad, all operations are automated through the use of smart contracts. This removes the Due to the intricacies required in enforcing compliance, execution is guided by code rather than bias.

Encryption at the Enterprise Level

PLUS token inherits SHA-256 hashing algorithm by virtue of being an BEP-20 token, all transactions are immutable and transparent.

Segments of Potential Customers

Our target customers include OTC Solution Providers and Brokers, Chief Executive Officers of Blockchain Organizations, Crypto-Savvy Funds, Crypto Startups, Traditional Funds, High-Volume Crypto Traders and Accounting and Fiscal Consulting Firms.
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