Supporting Technology and Development Work

Blockchain Technology - Distributed Ledger Technology

PlusPad is a distributed ledger platform based on Smart chain technology. On the Binance Smart chain, all transactions are immutable and transparent.

BEP-20 PLUS Token

The PLUS BEP-20 Token can be staked on the PlusPad platform in exchange for prizes and voting rights. PLUS users will receive a 50% discount on any costs paid on the PlusPad platform.

InteractiveWeb3 Dashboard

Users will be able to join up on the PlusPad platform and gain access to a customized, easy to use, and simple Web3 dashboard that is automatically populated with data from their Web3 wallet.

Database of Smart Contracts

The PlusPad ecosystem will grow over time to include a wide assortment of valuable smart contracts to interface with such as escrow, time released payments, subscriptions and more.
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