PlusPad Launch & Wrap
Using PlusPad during the launch phase enables both teams and investors to assure that no one dumps immediately following the public offering. This will be accomplished in three ways:
  1. 1.
    Wrapping as a Service (WaaS) enables straightforward connection with the DeFi ecosystem. This is called Wrap™.
  2. 2.
    Time-based Lock™
  3. 3.
    Event-based Lock™
PP LaunchPad Prototype
PP Launch will provide token issuers with a dependable, low-cost solution that ensures It gives them control over the sale of their tokens and enables dynamic time-limited token distribution methods. Launch will be accessible early in PlusPad's development for qualified projects. It will enable these issuers to configure OTC parameters that prevent the use of pump-and-dump tactics to manipulate the token's price. This will contribute to the public sale's legitimacy and confidence, as well as attract new OTC buyers.
Additionally, Wrapping as a Service (WaaS) will be made available via Plus Pad's Wrap is The ability to wrap a non-binance asset and have it interact on the BNB network, the Binance chain is priceless. The PlusPad team foresees deploying numerous other functions in succeeding phases, including event-based lockups, in which a percentage of tokens can be freed upon completion of specified deliverables or milestones.
Use Case illustration: A token issuer wishes to sell 20% of its tokens OTC in advance of a public offering. The issuer wishes to ensure that OTC customers do not immediately sell all of their tokens, The project is made public, they can utilize a TS Launch Contract and have each OTC. The purchaser sends BUSD to a designated address, These buyers then begin receiving tokens on a consistent basis for a defined period of time. Both parties are aware that the token distribution would be conducted in an untrustworthy manner via open-source contracts.
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