PlusPad Lock
Send your tokens to a Lock and receive them in chunks over a specified time period for an allotment.
PP token lock
Lock will offer a range of time and event based features, P2P transfers and payments are safe and secure. Lock will first be offered between BNB and/or any other BEP-20 coin. Additional tokens and stablecoins will be added over time, Multiple parties will be able to enter into a contract agreement and specify payment parameters. The Lock's functionality will be expanded as the project proceeds. Utilities such as rapid token distribution, time-sensitive payback, and progressive capital deployment, among others, will increase the degree of control and security in transactions.
Use Case illustration: Consider the situation of a small to medium-sized corporation with approximately 70 employees. Rather than incurring significant costs for payroll processing software, companies can simply utilize PlusPad's Lock service. This enables them to pay their personnel on a time-based basis (monthly/weekly/bi-weekly). Additionally, event-based functionality such as bonuses can be incorporated.
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