PlusPad Subscription
Utilize PlusPad's dependable solution to create your own P2P option agreements or to set up recurring payments all at a fraction of the cost.
Subscription will make it simple for anyone to set up regular cryptocurrency payments. Subscription will first be accessible for BNB or any other BEP-20 token. It will allow PlusPad users to specify precise payment specifications such as time constraints and other payment factors. These include the number of installments, their magnitude, and the time period between payments.
At first, once a subscription is established, it cannot be changed. This manner, individuals can enable businesses to ensure they are paid on a consistent basis for a specified period of time regardless of their clients' intentions. In subsequent versions, enhancements will be made to configure it as a changeable contract, requiring both parties to agree to suggested changes via a contract voting system utilizing the PLUS token.
Use Cases illustration: You wish to send your children a recurrent amount of tokens as allowance, You wish to pay bills or subscriptions on a regular basis using cryptocurrency, You want to pay for something over a year rather than in one lump sum because you don't want them to have rapid access, you wish to pay an adviser on an annual basis and would prefer to use PlusPad's Subscription than create an expensive options agreement.
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