PP Swap & Escrow
Executing multimillion-dollar transactions will soon be as simple as doing a routine financial transaction, if not easier due to the absence of bureaucracy.
Pluspad Swap Prototype
Swap enables complete strangers to conduct secure escrow-based transactions. Swap will initially be offered between BNB and/or any other BEP-20 token. It will enable two parties to sign into a contract agreement and conduct an OTC exchange reliably without the intervention of a third party. Additional functionality will be added to Swap over time.
Use Case Illustration: You wish to convert a certain number of tokens to a stable coin over the counter in order to avoid slippage. You locate a buyer through a forum or your connections and both parties agree on a price. You construct a PP Swap and activate it by transferring your tokens to the contract provided. The buyer also contributes BUSD to the deal. Once both funds have been received, the BUSD will be automatically transferred to your wallet and the tokens to the buyer's wallet.
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